Teen stepdaughter seduces mom while dad’s asleep


Description: Mia Malkova has been making a huge fuss over her father's new marriage to Alexis Fawx. Alexis is always walking around with her luscious big tits out, and Mia isn't pleased with all of the distraction. But, as it turns out, all of this hubbub is just a big fat bluff because really, Mia has been jealous of Alexis' figure, and this whole time ever since they met, Mia's wanted Alexis' MILF pussy all to herself. They get into a heated argument about how Mia treats her stepmom and her dad tries to calm down the situation. As the argument progresses, her stepmom's tits pop out which gives Mia more ammunition in her argument. Mia storms off but hides and listen to the conversation that her dad and stepmom have. Check out the look of disgust on her face as her dad heads upstairs to get some rest. Mia wants to make a point, so she interrupts Alexis during her more intimate moments with daddy just to lick her pussy. This tension and scandal gives Alexis a hard situation to deal with. Will she choose daddy or daughter? When Alexis catches her with a pack of cigarettes in the kitchen, Mia seduces her, exposing her big tits, and soon they offer each other a feast of their beautiful boobs and their sweet tender lesbian pussies. Alexis runs off and Mia follows her, rubbing her pussy in the hallway, getting her extremely horny. Her step mom runs off again into the bedroom and tries to get her husband to fuck her pussy but he’s too sleepy so she starts pleasuring herself. Mia sneaks in and starts licking her pussy so good she can’t resist. The girls lick each other, both climaxing hard as her dad sleeps next to them.

Published: Aug 5, 2016

Tags: stepmom , mia malkova , stepdaughter , alexis fawx

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