Bae and I getting hot and heavy in the shower


Description: We decided to try something new and record ourselves having sex while we're in the shower. Some people do their best thinking in the shower. We do our best fucking in the shower lol. We start off already naked and I'm recording my girlfriend, Chelsea, as she gets on her knees and sucks my cock. She knows how to get me so hard and really takes care of it. I move the camera around to different spots to not have it always be a POV shot and I think it turned out great. Then I start feeling up those titties of hers as the hot water falls on them. I hold the camera back to record myself sucking on her nipples before I start playing with her pussy. She lays down as I start fingering her and making her moan. I move the camera to the side so you can see me licking her pussy. Chelsea loves it when I do that. Then I stand her back up and I lay down and she starts stroking my cock before she sits on it. My cock goes balls deep and I can feel how tight the shower made her pussy as she rocks back and forth. She starts fucking me so hard and she ends up cumming all over my dick. She gets off and has me stand up to start blowing me again. It's so hot watching her look up at me with her big dark eyes as the water drips down her face. She starts to use both of her hands and strokes me while she sucks the tip. She knows how sensitive it is and it makes me moan. That makes her want to do it even more and she starts stroking faster and faster until she makes me cum all over her face.

Published: Aug 6, 2016

Tags: sex tape , homemade , amateur , couple

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