Cute girl watches me bust a huge nut with a big smile


Description: What's going on everyone? This week I found a really cute girl to watch me do my thing. I pulled up next to her and asked her for directions to the beach. She looks up from her phone and the first thing she sees is my cock. "Wow," she exclaims with a smile. I bet this is the first cock she's seen in quite a while. She starts to give me directions, telling me that the beach is actually pretty far from where we're at and she gives me specifics as to what roads to take and whatnot. It was great looking at her trying not to smile as she tries to inconspicuously take another look at my hard cock. She tells me good luck and starts to walk away. That's when I call her back and I just ask her, straight up, "Can you watch me cum?" She doesn't say yes or no; instead, she asked if I "do this often" lol. I tell her that only with girls like her that are really sexy. That gets a smile out of her and I tell her that she's the most beautiful girl I've ever seen in my life. That's not necessarily true, but it felt right to say at the time. Hearing those words, her eyes go wide and she says "thank you" and tells me that she thinks my dick is pretty big. I'll take that. I start stroking more intently and I ask her if my cock is bigger than her boyfriend's and she says, yes, by a couple of inches and she gives me a giggle. This turns me on and I tell her that when I saw her I got so horny. Her eyes go wide again and she tells me that she's flattered. We start making small talk and she tells that she lives nearby with her mom. I tell her that I'd like to take her to the beach some time and she's totally down. I can tell that she wants my big cock and I shoot my biggest load yet. She's surprised at how much cum came out. She tells me to have a good day and walks off as I sit back, exhausted. I need to get those digits for sure.

Published: Aug 8, 2016

Tags: flasher , public , flashing , flashing cock

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