Jacking off my BF after making love and taking his load


Description: We're back with another entry for our fans. We got so hot and heavy that we started fucking each other and my boyfriend grabbed the camera and started recording while he was fucking me from behind. I didn't even realize the camera was on for the longest time. Then he pulls out and wants to jerk himself off all over my tits and I happily say yes. I love it when he sprays me with his cum, it's like taking a hot shower hehe. I get on my knees and I pull my hair back to give him a bigger target to aim for lol and it turns out he's having trouble cumming. Oh no! My poor baby! He tries twice before he stops and he doesn't understand what's happening. That's when I offer my expertise and I grab his cock with both of my hands and begin stroking it. I love the way he moans when I handle him and I look up at him and smile as he tries to keep the camera steady. I start to stroke faster and faster and he moves over to the bed and sits down as I kneel in between his legs. I keep going, determined to get my baby off. I can feel it throbbing as my fingers go up and down his shaft and I know that he's about to explode. A few moments later, he tells me that he's about to cum and he stands up and he grabs his cock and shoots his load all over my tits. That's my baby. I'm always happy to help. He knows I always make everything better.

Published: Aug 8, 2016

Tags: homemade , sex tape , amateur , real couple

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