Teen Aurora Monroe fucks her big sister's boyfriend


Description: Aurora Monroe was at home by herself when she heard a knock on the door. It was her big sister's boyfriend, Ramon. Well I guess it's "ex-boyfriend" now. He just came by to drop off a couple of her things and he'd rather not do it when she's around. Aurora tells him that she's sorry about what happened between them and that's when she gets an idea that only teen sluts can get. She quickly brings him inside and tells him that she wants his cock. Ramon is shocked and doesn't understand where this is coming from. Aurora tells him she's just turned 18, so he wouldn't be doing anything wrong. She tells him that she's always had a crush on him and now she can fulfill her fantasy. Ramon tells her this can't happen, that they were practically family with him dating her older sister for almost seven years. Not anymore, Aurora rationalizes. And with that, she puts her hand on his cock and her eyes go wide with how big of a bulge he really has. She tells him that she's much hotter than her sister and then she gets on her knees and starts unzipping his pants. Ramon doesn't stop her. Aurora is pleasantly surprised to find the biggest cock she's ever seen. No wonder she could always hear her sister screaming from her bedroom. She asks for Ramon's permission to suck his big cock and he says yes, naturally. After a while they get so turned on that they rush to Aurora's bedroom and that's where Ramon gives her the biggest pounding of her life. He makes her cum in multiple positions before he cums all over her face and has her suck his cock dry. She loves the way he tastes.

Published: Aug 8, 2016

Tags: 18 years old , aurora monroe , teen , big cock , aurora monroe

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