My BF and I record our first fuck session


Description: Hey guys, today we're excited to present our first recorded fuck session. We did a couple of practice runs. OK, many practice runs lol But now we've got something we think you'd like. We definitely do hehe. I'm on my bed in just my undies and a t-shirt and my boyfriend, Alex, has the camera in his hands and starts recording me being silly. I ask him what he's doing and he tells me that he's recording a video. "What kind of video?" I ask and he says, "What until you find out." I start to giggle, this is too much fun and I can't help but laugh. He gets in close, takes off my shirt and starts feeling me up. I tell him we should take his clothes off, too, and I undo his belt and take down his pants while I look up at the camera. I have him give me the camera so he can take his pants off the rest of the way and I say that I can't wait to blow him. I pass the camera back and he starts caressing my tits and playing with nipples as I play with his cock. I can feel it getting hard in between my fingers and I tell him I can't wait to have it in my mouth. He sets the camera on the dresser next to the bed and has it pointed at us as he lies on top of me. Are heads end up getting out of frame so I move the camera just a little bit more -- hehe -- perfect. He starts sucking on my nipples as I start to moan and look into the camera. He gets up and I hand the camera back to him so I can give him his blowjob. Then we set the camera back on the dresser so I can get fucked lol. He plays with pussy just the way I like it before he sticks his cock inside of me. He grabs the camera and points it at my ass as he fucks me doggystyle. My baby is so naughty. Then we bang in a couple more positions until he cums all over my stomach. That was amazing. Till next time, friends!

Published: Aug 9, 2016

Tags: sex tape , homemade , amateur , real couple

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