Babysitter Kimmy Granger whores herself out to clients


Description: Mr. Rock gets home and finds the babysitter, Kimmy Granger, putting away his son's toys. She didn't hear him come through the door and so he takes this opportunity to check her out. All she has on is a small top that her perky tits keep popping out of every time she bends over to pick up one of the toys. She is also wearing the smallest pair or shorts that are just barely containing that curvaceous booty of hers. He looks down and notices a pink notebook on the floor and he opens it and sees a bunch of men's names with a large number of money next to each of them. $800, $500, even as much as $1,200. He recognizes some of these men as his neighbors and realizes what's going on. She's obviously doing something more than just babysitting and he wants in. He takes out a $100 bill and puts it in the notebook before closing it and saying hi. She sees him with it and immediately takes it out of his hands and tells him, "Thank you for finding it." She gives him a report on how great his son was behaving and that she'll see him next week. Seven days go by and when Mr. Rock comes home, he finds Kimmy in her bathing suit. She tells him that she and his son had a fun day by the pool. He's about to pay her when she tells him, no need. She saw the money he left in her notebook and tells him that it's not something she advertises. He asks her what that $100 will get him and she reaches for his cock. She gives him a great blowjob but leaves him hanging when she realizes how late she is for her other appointment. The following week Mr. Rock gets her to come over and confesses that she's not here to babysit his son, she is here for daddy. Kimmy tells him that it doesn't work that way but before she says anything else, he hands her $5,000. Kimmy can't refuse him now and she gets on her knees to finish that blowjob before letting him fuck her in multiple positions before shooting his load all over her face. That was so amazing that she automatically adds him to her notebook for the fol

Published: Aug 9, 2016

Tags: kimmy granger , big cock , babysitter , teen

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