Hitchhiker Ashley Adams gets tied up & brutally fucked


Description: Ashley Adams's car had broken down and she was in the middle of nowhere. She had already been walking for miles and found no signs of life. The sun was rising in the sky and, with no clouds in sight, the heat was getting unbearable. Wearing flip-flops, her feet couldn't take any more walking. That's when she found an old TV sitting on the side of the dirt road. At least she's able to rest her feet for a couple of minutes. That's when she spotted a white van driving down the road and she waved it down. The driver, Bruno, pulls up next to her and rolls down his window. Ashley explains her situation and asks for a lift into town. He says yes and she hops in. Bruno tells her that he's going out of his way to help her and she offers to pay him when he takes her home but she doesn't have much. He apologizes in advance for his A/C being broken. He tells her to cool off by taken off that black dress she's wearing. She says she's fine and Bruno tells her that it's a long ride so might as well. Ashley admits that she's not wearing panties and Bruno says: "Even better." She completely takes off her dress and Bruno terrorizes her into spreading her legs and playing with her pussy. Then he takes off her bra and plays with her big natural tits before tying her hands together and forcing his big cock down her throat. Then he takes her to the back of the van and brutally fucks her in many positions as she screams. Ashley can't believe how much she's enjoying it and Bruno ends up making her cum. Ashley begs for more until Bruno's had enough and shoots his load all over her.

Published: Jan 21, 2017

Tags: bondage , kink , ashley adams , fetish

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