Teen Megan Rain cheats on her BF with bigger dick


Description: Megan Rain was on her couch when she got a call from her boyfriend. He was just calling to check in and she tells him not to worry and that she's holding down the house. She tells him she misses him and loves him before hanging up. She looks down at Bruce's face in between her legs and he brings himself at eye level. Megan gives him a big smile and tells him that her boyfriend doesn't suspect a thing. Next thing you know, Bruce is kicking back on the couch with his hands behind his head as Megan deepthroats his big cock. She can barely get halfway down his shaft before she has to come back up for air. She loves the challenge, and imagining this same dick balls deep in her ass. Megan makes a sloppy mess as her eyes start to water. She deepthroats it again and Bruce helps her get another couple of inches down her throat by holding down her head. Her boyfriend doesn't even come close to the throbbing cock she's holding in her tiny hands. It turns her on knowing that she's a dirty cheating slut. "My boyfriend doesn't even know you're here," she says in between gasps for air. She tells Bruce how her boyfriend doesn't fuck her like he does. Then she gets on top and lets his huge member in her tiny ass hole as she bounces up and down on it. She moans so loud and he goes balls deep in her ass and she ends up cumming multiple times, and Bruce isn't even close to being finished with her. He pounds that ass in some more positions right there on the couch and she moans as she grabs on to his big arm while he moves her back and forth. She loves feeling his hands on her as he demolishes that ass over and over. When he's about to cum, he pulls out of her ass and shoots his load into her mouth and she swallows every last drop before laying back, exhausted, on the couch next to him. She gives him a big thank you before he sticks his cock back inside her and pummels her again.

Published: Aug 10, 2016

Tags: facial , cheating , anal , megan rain

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