Therapist Jayden Jaymes fucks patient Angela Sommers


Description: Therapist Jayden Jaymes was in love with her assistant and it got in the way of her job. Jayden had no choice but to fire her and end their relationship in the process. Very flustered, Jayden completely forgot about her next appointment with Angela Sommers. Angela knocks on the door and Jayden walks out to greet her. Angela is here for court ordered counseling. Jayden looks over her records and it says that Angela was convicted of breaking and entering, indecent exposure, and assault. Jayden's surprised that all she got was counseling. Angela tells her that it was involuntary assault and Jayden can't understand what that means. Angela is embarrassed to admit it, but she was sleepwalking when all of this happened. Now Jayden understands and takes her into her office and has her take a seat on the couch. They go over the details of Angela's life in order to gauge when the sleepwalking first started. It was when she was a child and, at the same time in her life, she realized she was a lesbian. Jayden thinks there could be a connection there, and after getting the formalities out of the way she schedules Angela to come in next week to try some hypnotherapy. When the day arrives, Jayden goes through the motions and Angela is sound asleep and under Jayden's control. She can't believe how sexy Angela is and she desires her very much. She tells Angela that they should forget about all of the other girls and just love each other. Angela tells her that she wants Jayden to touch her. Jayden reaches in between her legs and plays with her pussy. Then she gets on top of Angela and they take off their clothes and start caressing and sucking on each other's nipples. Then Jayden goes down on Angela and makes her cum. Then Angela does the same for Jayden. The girls take turns fingering each other until they make each other cum again. Then Jayden wakes her up and schedules next week's appointment.

Published: Aug 12, 2016

Tags: lesbian , angela sommers , angela sommers , jayden jaymes , big tits

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