Latina teen nerd Nadia Capri gets caged and fucked


Description: Nadia Capri, a sexy Latina with an incredible body, comes in for a life makeover. She's known as the biggest nerd in school and she's tired of it. Plus, she's been feeling really horny and doesn't know what to do about it. Her new master asks her a few questions, taking note of anything that he can tackle when he applies his technique. Nadia is in for quite the awakening. He gets her relaxed. To make sure she's obedient, he makes her stand and moves her limbs around like a doll. He does a few position memory exercises. He's quite talented. She does everything he says. Now for the fun. He goes in deep into her mind and finds the real reason she's having issues: she's scared and a bit uptight. He needs drastic measures to loosen her up. He makes her get on all fours and shoves a huge dildo deep inside of her pussy. He wants her to bark like a dog the entire time. The deeper the rubber cock goes, the louder she barks. In no time, she begs her master to push it in deeper. To reinforce her training, he wants to get on the floor and act like a well-behaved puppy. He collars her with a leash and gives her a water bowl, and even a rubber "boner" to play with. He makes her roll over and give her paw, even walks her around. He keeps her in the cage for a while where she begs for cock. She's earned it now. Her Master lets his sex slave out and pulls his dick out for her to jerk off. She's pretty good at giving handjobs. But he wants his meat in her mouth. She needs to learn how to give a blowjob. If this doesn't solve her problems, we don't know what will. Take a look for yourself.

Published: Aug 12, 2016

Tags: nerd , latin , nadia capri , nadia capri , teen

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