Hipster chick catches me flashing dick in parking lot


Description: Hello world, this week I found myself a hipster chick and I mean she was definitely a hipster. If she wasn't a hipster she would at least place second in a hipster look-alike contest, for sure. With the glasses, tattoos all over her arms, and her piercings, she was definitely trying to send a message. What that message is, I have no idea. But I digress. I have my pants around my knees and my cock hard in my hand when she goes to get inside her car which is parked next to me. She notices my cock and is surprised like they always are but she tries to pass it off like this is something she sees all of the time. Yeah, try to sell that look somewhere else. She's surprised that I'm trying this and asks if I'm not worried that someone will catch me. To be fair, she doesn't know like you guys do that this is something I do quite often. I'm perfecting it now. I just tell her I'm not worried and she says ok and good luck with that before she tries to get into her car. I call out to her and ask her if she can watch me and she thinks about it for a moment before saying, "Ok, I guess." Haha this girl likes it. She starts asking me some more questions, you know, more of the usual ones... but I don't answer. I'm stroking my cock as fast as I can with her practically leaning over me. She smiles as she asks me if I'm about to cum and I tell her most definitely, I am. For a moment there I have to catch my breath as I jerk myself off at lightning speeds. You would think I was trying to start a fire. And that's when I shoot a huge load all over my stomach and she jumps back a little in surprise. She laughs as she tells me she was glad she could help and she gets in her car to drive off into obscurity. Good times!

Published: Dec 9, 2016

Tags: flasher , public , flashing , flashing cock

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