Teen Cece Capella seduces principal to avoid trouble


Description: It's Cece Capella's day off. Not because of vacation or a holiday but because Cece decided to skip school. There's no way that she wants to be in class on such a beautiful day. But Principal Rich isn't going to let this slide. After Cece calls her mom to tell her she's too sick to go, she blasts music through the house's surround sound system and starts dancing like no one's watching. At least not yet. Principal Rich decides to drive over to her house and can hear the music coming from inside. He knocks as hard as he can but no one comes to the door. He tries to call the house but the music is too loud to hear the phone ring. So he walks around the house and luckily finds the side door unlocked and he lets himself in. He walks in on her dancing and is furious. She doesn't notice because her back is to him but she notices real quick when he walks over to the stereo and turns it off. She quickly turns around and sees him standing there, glaring. He tells her that this is the ninth time this semester that she's missed her classes and he won't stand for it. She tries to act like she's sick but it doesn't work. The only other thing she can think of is letting him fuck her tight pussy. Maybe that'll help him relax for once in his life. She starts unbuttoning her shirt and the Principal tells her that it's not going to work. She takes it off completely and he starts to stutter as he looks away. Then she takes off her bra to show him her perky tits and he forgets what he's saying as she puts her nipple in his mouth. He starts to suck and caress both of her tits before laying her down on the bed and spreading her legs to eat that pussy. He pulls out his cock to let her suck it and then he stretches her pussy with it. He makes her cum multiple times as he takes out his aggression on her. Then he puts her on her knees to take his big load all over her face. Looks like Cece got away with it again.

Published: Aug 15, 2016

Tags: cece capella , schoolgirl , teen , parody

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