Sabrina Banks gets fucked by her big dick boyfriend


Description: Sabrina finds her boyfriend, Danny, fixing the washer and asks him if he's got any ideas for something they can do tonight, together. Danny tells her that he's got the soccer game that he doesn't want to miss and he's going to drink some beers, and then maybe they can do some anal afterwards. She should have known that he would respond like that. She tells him that they do that every night, and this time she wants to do something different. He agrees with her and tells her that if she takes out her tits he'll be able to think better. She gives a sarcastic laugh and asks him if he'll pay attention to her if she complies. He says, yes, and she starts talking about how they've fallen into this routine and there's nothing ever new or exciting. Something needs to change. He asks her what it is she wants and she admits that she wants him to dress nicer and she wants to wear a dress and actually go out looking nice. He tells her ok but before they continue she needs to take off the rest of her clothes. She says fine and gets completely naked for him. He admires that tight body of hers before she continues. She tells him that she wants to go out dancing, and to have a nice dinner, and not sit at home and drinking beer, watching soccer. Then he tells her that he'll listen even better if she sucks his dick. She starts to get angry and tells him that she wants him to be a gentleman for once and she's being very serious. She wants to make gentle love and she'd like him to use lube on her ass hole instead of just sticking it in there dry, because that shit hurts. Danny tells her that they can't afford all of those things and the best thing is for her to get back on her knees and suck his cock while she imagines all of those things happening. She reluctantly agrees and gets back on her knees. She imagines all of it, from the massage to the red roses on the hotel night stand. She imagines him making love to her in many different positions and making her cum multiple times before h

Published: Aug 15, 2016

Tags: emma williamson , sabrina banks , big cock , raven , emma williamson

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