Big ass Latina teen Abella Danger gets bound & fucked


Description: Abella Danger was on her way to a gymnastics competition and the school bus left without her. All of her stuff was on the bus. All she has left is the clothes on her back, a leotard to be exact. She starts walking, hoping to run into someone or to see a passing car, but ends up wandering around for hours with not a single person in sight. Finally, she sees a white van and waves it down. The driver, Bruno, pulls up to her and asks if she needs help. Abella explains what happened to him and Bruno offers her a ride. She hops in the van and Bruno starts driving. He takes a look at her in that outfit and tells her that she must be really flexible if she's competing in a gymnastics tournament. Bruno makes her a deal: he can take her to a bus stop, but it'll cost her money to take it and that's if even a bus arrives on time to take her to the tournament on time. Alternatively, he can take her straight there. He doesn't have anything to do today so he doesn't mind. Abella mentions how nice that is of him to offer, but why would he just do that? Abella now has a worried look on her face and he stops the van to tell her that he'll help her under certain conditions. He grabs her leotard and yanks it down, exposing her perky 19-year-old tits. He jumps up and tears it to pieces and uses it to gag and blindfold her. He ties her up with rope before taking her to the back of his van. He pounds her pussy hard in multiple positions and face fucks her until she chokes. Then he takes her to his sex dungeon where he whips her before fucking her some more and then jizzing all over her face. Does she finally make it to her destination? You gotta watch to find out.

Published: Aug 17, 2016

Tags: bondage , kink , bdsm , abella danger

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