Cheating wife Peta Jensen fucks the IT guy


Description: James the IT guy is on his way over to a new house that is having computer issues. The company he works for sends him out to clients' houses to repair their computers in their homes instead of at their facility. He's just going there to run some diagnostics first. If it's anything that can't be fixed in a day then he'll have to take the computer with him. When James arrives, he knocks on the door and the most beautiful woman answers. She's absolutely stunning and the top she has on hugs her huge tits and exposes her tight stomach. He hasn't even looked at the rest of her yet, but he's sure it's just as good if not better. He stutters as he introduces himself and she smiles and says her name is Peta Jensen. She shows him to her husband's office. He comes to his senses and starts working on the computer. After about 30 minutes, he realizes that what the computer has is a virus. Peta stands next to him when he asks if they've going to odd websites or clicking on pop up ads. He starts to go into detail about what needs to be done and Peta gets in closer to him to hear better. All James has to do is turn his head to the side and her huge rack is in his face. He tells her that he'll have to erase her hard drive for the computer to start working again. Peta doesn't want to lose her photos and James asks her what folder they're under on the desktop. She says they're in a folder called "I want to suck your cock". James stops typing and has a dumbfounded look on his face. She gets in between his legs and he tells her that she's married to a large guy and he doesn't want to go the hospital. Peta tells him that her husband won't find out. James still isn't sure until Peta pulls out her tits for him. She takes his silence as a yes and gives him a blowjob. But it doesn't stop there. James is so horny that he bends her over the couch and pounds her doggy style and Peta loves knowing that she's being made to cheat on her husband. After a couple of more positions, Peta strokes his c

Published: Aug 17, 2016

Tags: peta jensen , cheating , wife , big tits

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