Daisy Summers is seduced by her girlfriend's mother


Description: Prinzzess has always been in a feud with her neighbor. They've been rivals since forever and they raised their daughters to hate each other as well. One day both women were in a huge fight when their daughters walked in through the door. They were surprised to see them home, and together. Turns out they got to leave a day early from college. They've been spending a lot of time together on campus and have now become best of friends. Their mothers don't understand how that's possible and that's when the girls take each other's hands and confess that they are in love. This shocks the mothers and Prinzzess storms out of the house and her daughter runs after her, leaving Daisy alone with her mother. A couple of days later, Prinzzess is staking out her rival's house and sees her leaving, knowing that she's left Daisy all alone. She knocks on the door and Daisy answers. She's surprised to see her and tells her that no one is home but her. Prinzzess tells her that's fine, Daisy was the one she wanted to see anyway. This surprises Daisy and she lets her future mother-in-law in. Daisy offers her a beer and they take a seat on the couch. Prinzzess asks Daisy for a kiss and Daisy laughs and asks her what she's doing. Prinzzess tells her that the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree and if she likes her daughter then she must be attracted to her as well. She puts her hands on Daisy and starts to kiss her and Daisy doesn't push her away. Soon they're both naked and eating each other's pussies and fingering each other until they both cum. When it's over, they lay back exhausted in each other's arms.

Published: Aug 18, 2016

Tags: lesbian , prinzzess , daisy summers , daisy haze

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