Foot fetish bar owner sucks and fucks new employee


Description: Alexa Grace likes to keep things sexy wherever she works. That's good because Robby Echo is looking to hire someone just like her for his foot fetish bar. He tells her that her looks are important in this business because pretty waitresses keep the customers coming back and spending money. He hires her and offers to suck her toes. The kinky bar owner licks her feet like a pro, fulfilling his foot fetish appetite by sucking on her toes one by one and lapping the entire bottom of her foot like a dog. Alexa moans and comments on his toe sucking skills, making hints about how his tongue might feel in other places. He comes from around the bar and picks her up, positioning her on top of the bar with her legs spread wide open. He dives head-first in her pretty pussy, licking her twat like a pro. She moans louder and louder as he eats her cunt, making his face wet and sticky from her coochie juice. Taking advantage of the bar being closed, he fingers her soaking wet pussy while licking her feet and gazing into her pretty eyes, causing the new employee to orgasm hard. Alexa is hot and horny and wants some cock in her mouth, so she jumps off the bar and drops to her knees to deep throat his hard cock. She gulps the entire rod and smacks the cock on her tongue while she is on her tippy toes, ramming his dick down her throat and gagging on her new boss's dick. He orders her to bend over on the bar stool as he eats her ass and licks her feet. Alexa is ready for some cock in her slutty pussy so he slams it in her and pounds the babe's pussy hard from the back as her ass jiggles. They fuck all around the bar leaving trails of cum everywhere. Alexa rides his cock like a champion, screaming at the top of her lungs as his hard dick goes in and out her twat. She’s gonna love her new job and ends this sexual experience by taking a load to her feet.

Published: Aug 19, 2016

Tags: foot fetish , robby echo , bar , alexa grace

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