Melissa Moore fucks her friend's older brother


Description: Melissa Moore was sleeping over her friend's house. They were in a bunk bed and she was on the bottom bunk. She was having trouble sleeping because of how hot it was in the house and she gets up and goes to the kitchen. There she finds her friend's older brother, Chris. She didn't expect to find him there and she didn't expect him to be looking so good. You could say the same for Chris. A year can go by fast and Melissa definitely looks like she's grown up. She's wearing a tight white top that exposes that tight stomach of hers, and hot pink booty shorts. She opens the fridge to get a bottle of water and she bends over to get it and get Chris's attention. Melissa takes a sip and tells him she'll see him later. She goes back to her friend's room and checks to see if she's still sleeping. Then she lies back down and starts thinking about Chris as she starts playing with her pussy. Then she lifts up her shirt and starts playing with her tits as she starts fingering herself. She gets carried away and puts a hand over her mouth so as to not make any noise. She continues going at it and she gets so loud that Chris can hear her saying his name. He knows he has to go take a look and slowly opens the door to his sister's room. He can't believe how hot she looks playing with herself and he tip toes inside to put a hand over her mouth so she doesn't scream in surprise. He tells her they need to be quiet and he spreads her legs and starts licking her pussy. Then he pulls out his cock for Melissa to give him a blowjob and, in the heat of passion, Chris's sister wakes up and sees what they're doing. She is appalled but she's afraid to move or speak and pretends to sleep as they go at it. Melissa gets fucked in a bunch of positions right there in the bunk bed which ends with Chris shooting his load all over Melissa's face and tits. She sucks him dry as she hears her friend in the background yell at them. Oops! Next time they'll have to be quieter.

Published: Aug 19, 2016

Tags: melissa moore , petite , teen , brother

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