PAWG Savannah Fox gets a big caterpillar in her ass


Description: Today on PAWG (PWG11546) we have big booty white girl Savannah Fox with us and, boy, does she have the perfect white girl booty. This is her second PAWG shoot and this time she's going to do some anal. We have her stand up for us and those jean shorts are so small and tight that they look like they're painted on her big ass. We ask her why she decided to do porn and she said that looking at her ass made her happy so she figured other people would be happy looking at her ass as well lol. This girl is an altruist at heart. We take her inside and we have her kneel on the couch and arch her back for us. That makes her butt look even bigger. We have the whooty slide her shorts off for us nice and slow before we drench her badonkadonk in oil. Then we take out the tape measure to see just how big it is once and for all. Her mound is 43 inches round, my goodness. Now we have her sit on a scale to see how much it weighs. It says 41.7 pounds. And since we're going green here at Bangbros, we want to have Savannah recycle a plastic bottle. She spreads her butt cheeks and we place the bottle in between them and she basically crushes it. We firmly try to pry it loose but her ass is not giving it back haha. Savannah even starts walking around with it and it doesn't move at all. Now it's time for her to get fucked and we bring out a big cock for her. She gets bent over and pounded doggy style and then we bring out a caterpillar cover to go on the fat cock and the stud starts fucking her ass with it. After a few more positions and cumming many times, Savannah Fox gets a cumshot to the face. And that is where our story ends, folks.

Published: Aug 20, 2016

Tags: savannah fox , big ass , anal , pawg

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