My BF and I have another intimate home video to share


Description: Hey guys! I got a brass pole to practice some moves here at home and my boyfriend picked up the camera and started recording me. I figured this was the perfect time to get a little action and I tell him to go sit on the couch. I take off my heels and kneel down in front of him to start sucking his dick. He just likes to stand around naked because he knows I can't resist him haha. I can feel it getting harder in my mouth and I start stroking him as I ask him how he likes it. I love knowing that I'm giving him pleasure and I stand up and take off my panties and bra during a striptease for him. He stands up and bends me over the couch. What a naughty boy... A moment later I feel his hard cock stretching my pussy as he pushes it deeper and deeper inside of me. He starts giving it to me real nice. I know he likes looking at my booty as he hears me moan. Then he pulls out and I taste my pussy on his cock. I don't taste that bad if I do say so myself. I suck his tip while I stroke his cock and then I play with his balls before using both hands to jerk him off. I like to switch it up for him. That always make him so horny and sure enough right on cue he bends me over again lol. I tell him that I'd rather try it missionary and he complies. I lift up my legs and he starts fucking me as I look into his eyes. I always try to keep eye contact, especially during rough sex. He keeps going as he squeezes my tits and when he's ready to explode he asks me where I want it. I tell him to cum all over my face and he pulls out and shoots his load all over. It feels so good hehe. Let me know if you enjoyed this one and maybe we'll upload more.

Published: Aug 20, 2016

Tags: homemade , sex tape , amateur , real couple

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