Euro slave tied up and given Brutal Punishment


Description: Lola, a hot and naughty Euro pain slave, gets in trouble again. She's back in the warehouse, told to be waiting in a black top and white pantyhose. She knows not to push his domination more than she has in the past. Her Master appears, quite angry, and bends her over to whip her ass. He tears the nylon to hit right on the skin, leaving red marks that he loves to see. He's so mad, she's not even in bondage yet. He holds her by the shirt and hair to keep her from running away. Her ass ends up with intense marks. He then ties her up with rope for a high suspension. Her limbs are all tied differently, leaving her flailing around, challenging her. Can she survive this hardcore BDSM scene? Her Master approaches with a leather flogger and swings it at her ass, feet, arms, back, ass--anywhere still white. He wants her ass to be a blistering red. When is Lola going to learn? This babe gets brutally beaten with marks left all over her body, mainly on her ass, and she will never forget this lesson. The sex slave endures this tough bondage and gets a certain sensation from the master that drives her crazy and pleasures her sexual needs. Ropes and whips fuel this brutal punishment to Lola, teaching the sexy slut a valuable lesson in pain and pleasure. Her moans and screams fuel the master to beat her harder and the harder. The more he whips the slave, the more pleasure she gets. The slave feels a certain form of pleasure with every mark delivered to her body from his whip and her pussy gets wetter from pain inflicted from her master. If you are a kinky porn enthusiast, you really should check this video out. If you are not into bondage porn, this clip may be the one to turn you on to the fetish. It is worth a glance. Go ahead, take the risk and watch. It may just change your life forever.

Published: Aug 22, 2016

Tags: bondage , kink , fetish , bdsm

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