Big ass Valentina Nappi seduces older man with lingerie


Description: Valentina Nappi was on her way to her to visit a man she's had a crush on for some time. Her plan was to seduce him once and for all, and she put on some sexy black lingerie and a jacket to cover it up. From far away, she looks like just a girl riding a bike. One cannot tell that she's wearing barely anything underneath. She arrives at his house and rings his doorbell. He opens the door and she opens the jacket to reveal what she has on. Without a word, he lets her in and she sits him down on the couch in front of the fireplace. She stands in front of him and gives him a striptease as she plays with her tits and arches her back to show him her big ass. Then she sits in front of the fireplace and spreads her legs and pussy for him as she rubs her clit. She can see his big cock getting hard in his pants as she tastes her fingers. Then she lies on the couch and he pulls out his cock and sticks it balls deep inside her tight pussy. He sits back on the couch and has her suck his dick. He loves the way her big lips wrap around his sausage and he grabs a handful of her hair to start face fucking her. His cock is so deep down her throat that Valentina starts to gag. She enjoys the rough experience and she drools all over it and her eyes start to water. He squeezes that ass of hers tight and gives her a couple of spanks as he continues to fuck her mouth. Then he sits her on top of him and bounces her up and down on his dick. Then he pounds her missionary style before he has her jerk him off into her mouth for the grand finale.

Published: Aug 22, 2016

Tags: valentina nappi , big ass , euro , lingerie

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