Karter Foxx & Scarlett Sage lose virginity to teacher


Description: Karter Foxx and Scarlett Sage are stuck in detention and they have the classroom to themselves so they just start talking about what they're going to do afterwards when they leave the school. Scarlett tells Karter that she's going to be meeting up with Chris later, a popular cute boy, but nothing's official between the two of them. Karter asks her why not and Scarlett says it's because she can tell that Chris wants to have sex with her and she's scared she won't do it right since she's never had sex before. Karter hasn't had sex with her boyfriend, either, and she admits that she's nervous as well. The girls then have an idea. Why don't they try the positions on each other and see how it goes. It's not the same thing but they can at least understand a little bit of what to do. Karter sits on the teacher's desk and convinces Scarlett to come up and sit beside her. They begin kissing and then they take off all of their clothes except for their skirts. They play with each other's tits and lick each other's pussies in different positions right there on the desk. They get so into it that they don't hear a professor walk into the room. He yells at the girls and they immediately stand up and cover themselves up. He tells them that they're going to be in big trouble and the girls beg him not to tell anyone. The girls tell him that they'll do whatever he wants and the professor, looking at them naked, can only think of one thing: have a threesome. He gets both girls on their knees and teaches them how to suck a big cock before they each take turns riding it. The girls are so overwhelmed with pleasure. They had no idea it would feel so good. Then he bends them over the desk and takes turns pounding each of them doggystyle and then missionary. Then he has the girls get back on their knees and he cums all over their faces. Now that they know what to do, they won't disappoint their boyfriends.

Published: Aug 22, 2016

Tags: scarlett sage , virgin , karter foxx , scarlett sage , school , karter foxx

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