Big dick ghost fucks babe and she calls Ghostbusters


Description: When Monique Alexander's home is haunted by a big dick apparition, she reaches out to the Ghostbusters for help. But when the all-male group laughs her out of the room, she vows to start her own ghost hunting team: The Nutbusters. As the beautiful babe sleeps, the ghost points his huge cock in her face and this awakens the hottie. She walks through the house screaming out to see if someone’s in her home but nobody answers. The energy from the ghost drowns her in an intense horny feeling that causes her to masturbate. Monique can’t resist the feeling that has come over her and she continues to masturbate with her big perky tits exposed as the ghost hovers over her and inches closer to her face with his rock hard penis. Monique opens her eyes and sees the cock on her face and quickly slams his dick down her throat, triggering a human life form transformation from the once ghost exterior. With no questions asked, she gobbles his cock, deep throating the rod and jerking it with two hands. The tattooed babe can’t keep his big dick out of her mouth. She forces the entire rod in her mouth for a great, messy blowjob. She bounces up and down on the bed while sucking his dick. Next, Monique gets bent over to get her salad tossed and it sends her into a moaning rage. The mystery cock slams her pussy hard and long, shaking the whole bed as she screams in pleasure. He pounds her cunt in multiple positions harder than a jack hammer and she makes sure to worship his stroke game. Monique is feeling good and going cock crazy like a slut possessed as she rides his dick into the sunset and orgasms several times in the process. He jacks his cock with her mouth open and busts a nut in her cock warmers. Well, at least she thinks so. Monique tells the story to the original Ghostbusters and they laugh at her.

Published: Aug 23, 2016

Tags: cosplay , monique alexander , ghostbusters , parody

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