Teen babysitter Kylie Quinn seduces client to keep job


Description: Alec opens the door to his apartment and finds Kylie Quinn on the couch waiting for him. She tells him that the baby is asleep and they had a productive day of fun together and Alec is happy to hear it. He sits down beside her and starts to write her a check for her hours and she asks him if she could get an advance. He feels uncomfortable doing this and tells her that she should find a way to save more money, or even start a small business on the side and sell a product. Kylie thinks about it for a moment and tells him that she'll sell him her panties. Alec is shocked to hear this and Kylie tells him that he must get lonely by himself and she's never seen him with a woman. She takes them off and hands them to him. He writes her the advance and she leaves with a big smile on her face. Once the door shuts, Alec sniffs the panties and then puts them away. The following week, Alec is waiting for Kylie who is running late. He's angry that he has no idea where she is and she hasn't contacted him at all. After almost two hours pass, he's missed an important business deal and ends up calling the Babysitter's Club to tell them he will no longer use their services. That's when Kylie shows up and she apologizes profusely. When Alec is about to kick her out, she gets on her knees and tells him she'll suck his dick. Alec pulls it out for her and after cumming on her face he tells her she's not fired. Then the next week, he finds her sleeping on his bed and sees everything in disarray. Kylie didn't do any work and Alec tells her that she won't be able to suck her way out of this one. That's when Kylie takes off her clothes and tells him that he can fuck her. He fucks her face before stretching her tight pussy in multiple positions. He pounds her until he's finished with her and then gives her a facial. The power of pussy compels him again.

Published: Aug 23, 2016

Tags: deepthroat , teen , babysitter , kylie quinn

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