Girlfriend surprises me by sucking my dick in car


Description: So you know we've been at this a while now and my girlfriend wanted to try something new just for the sake of recording it. I've created a monster lol. We're driving around late at night and we find a spot to park. Chelsea reaches for my cock and tells me to pull down my shorts. Then she started giving me a blowjob right there in the car. I use the light from the camera and record her as she looks up at me. The way her mouth feels wrapped around my cock is amazing and it's so sexy how she licks my tip with her tongue and I can see her tongue piercing. She gets my dick nice and wet and she strokes it before sucking it again. She slaps it against her tongue and I ask her to slap it against her face and she does so while looking into the camera. That image is going to be ingrained in my memory forever. I try to keep the camera as steady as possible as she deepthroats me and starts to make a sloppy mess. She knows I like it when she does that. Then she starts sucking my dick while stroking it at the same time and for a second there I almost blow my load. I focus and tell her to keep going just like that. Then I have an idea and I tell her that we should continue this outside of the car. She gives me a deviant smile and agrees. We step out and walk a little bit ahead of the car. I keep the light of the camera on as she giggles and gets on her knees to keep sucking in public. I love how I can see her perky tits down her shirt when she leans in to take it all down her throat. She keeps going and I can't take it any longer and I shoot my load when I'm balls deep in her mouth. She takes it like a fucking champ.

Published: Aug 23, 2016

Tags: amateur , blowjob , public , real couple

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