Cop Elicia Solis arrests & fucks notorious gangster


Description: Big tits police officer Elicia Solis is chasing a hardcore criminal along with two other officers. The gangster draws his gun on the cops and things are looking bad for them until Alicia shows up and blindsides the gangster Danny D with a metal pipe. She takes his weapon and tells him not to move. He offers her some money to let him go but her fellow officers arrive so she has no choice but to arrest him and take him to the station. Back at the station, her superior drills her about taking a bribe but the hot cop tries to tell him she wasn’t taking the money, he threw it at her. Alicia was ordered to the criminal's cell to get more information. While there, Danny D promises her a lot of money if she helps him escape. When a mix-up nabbing Danny D landed her in hot water at the station, Officer Elicia Solis decided she'd had enough of being Metro Police. Elicia grabbed Danny from his cell and escaped out the back. Later at Danny's hide-out, Danny showed her the rest of the loot, and the sight of all that cash made Elicia's pussy so fucking wet. Elicia dove mouth-first onto his fat cock and sucked him off properly. Then she let Danny peel off her police uniform, revealing her big tits and tanned body. She played with her twat, waiting for Danny to shove his huge cock in her officer pussy. Elicia got her favorite sex treat: naughty ass worship. Danny licked his tongue slowly up the crack of her butt and ate her pussy out from behind. He pounded her pussy doggystyle and officer Elicia yelled out in ecstasy. This thug drills her cunt in multiple positions, and then delivers a super load straight to her face. The big tit cop tied him up and left him behind for the law while she rode off into the sunset with all of his money.

Published: Aug 25, 2016

Tags: elicia solis , uniform , police , big tits

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