Secretary bound and brutally fucked by French boss


Description: Joanna Angel is French businessman Jean Val Jean's very obedient, latex-wearing secretary, and she is always ready to serve. She needed to practice her poise and balance because when she goes to deliver her boss's tea, she spilled it and now she's going to have to be punished--with his rod. Utilizing his clumsy sex-cretary's mouth to lubricate his dick while still on his phone call, Jean punished her mouth, fucking her throat hard by ramming his hard cock into her mouth. Joanna performs a messy deep throat blowjob full of saliva and gagging. He takes full advantage of his secretary’s mouth skills, holding her nose at some point while his cock is stuffed in her mouth to halt her breathing. He slaps the babe around to teach her a lesson for spilling his fucking tea. Joanna can't use her hands, all she can do is obey her boss and suck his cock. He moved on to the cutout surrounding her perfect exposed bottom, spanking her ass hard, making her ass turn red before bending her over on his desk for a sound cunt beating. Jean spreads her pussy lips with his throbbing man meat. Punishment doesn't come without reward, though, because she earned anal pleasure for being a stellar employee otherwise. He dog fucks the secretary with no mercy, digging deep inside, pounding her like a jackhammer, and she actually loves it. Jean lets her arms free and continues drilling her cunt and ass hole. Joanna takes the cock up her fart box and thanks him for the great sex. She's eager to throw his cock back in her mouth, and when she does, the cum splashes down her mouth and she licks it all up.

Published: Aug 25, 2016

Tags: bondage , latex , secretary , joanna angel

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