Helpless teen Crystal Rae gets fucked rough by stranger


Description: Helpless Teen Crystal Rae decided to go on an adventure and explore a part of the state she's never been to before. What she didn't count on was her car breaking down for no apparent reason and she's not able to turn the car back on. She tries to use her cell phone but she's in the middle of nowhere so she's not getting a signal. She continues to walk along one of the dirt roads she was on and, after a couple of hours, she spots a white van. She waves it down and the driver, Bruno, pulls up next to her and lowers his window. She tells him how good it is to see him and explains her situation and asks if he could help her. Bruno tells her to hop in the van and he starts driving. Crystal tells him that she has some money back in her car that she can give him for helping her. He tells her that sounds great and when he asks her where her car is she doesn't remember. Crystal got turned around in the woods trying to find help and she wouldn't know how to get back to her car. Well that doesn't really help Bruno and he makes a joke about it and finds out that Crystal is actually quite the slut. She admits that she loves sex but doesn't really have one night stands. Bruno starts threatens that if she doesn't fuck him, he'll leave her stranded. He grabs her throat as he continues driving and Crystal is terrified. He finds a secluded spot and then ties her hands together and pulls off her shorts and panties. He plays with her pussy before he makes her deepthroat his big cock. Next, he takes her to the back of his van and pounds her hard in a bunch of positions. When he's done, he leaves her in the back of the van and he drives off into the sunset.

Published: Aug 24, 2016

Tags: bondage , rough , crystal rae , teen

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