My girlfriend Alyssa and me having sex after work


Description: Hey guys, we're back with another video. I decided to take my camera with me for when I meet up with my bae, Alyssa, at our favorite local coffee shop. I already have the camera rolling when she arrives and I surprise her with a coffee that I already had waiting for her. Her day at work was great and now we decide what we want to do with the rest of our day. We go for a walk and I tell her how sexy she looks and that she should flash me. She thinks about it for a second but is to shy to do that in a parking lot full of people. We walk for a bit before I suggest that we go to the beach and she is down for that. We take a seat for a moment to finish our drinks before we head out. She wants to taste my drink so I hand it over and I ask to take a sip of hers. While I do, I give her the camera and she records me and my surprise and how good it is. But I tell her that mine is still better. We end up just going back to our place and I turn the camera back on when she's on the bed in her shirt and panties with the TV remote in her hand. She giggles as I get in between her legs and I tell her to take off her shirt. She does and I get a close up of those perky tits of hers before I take off her panties. I play with her pussy and I can tell how much she's turned on and I hand her the camera so I can lick her clit. She moans with pleasure and tries to keep the camera as steady as she can. Then we switch and she gets on top of me and starts giving me a blowjob. I love how she looks into the camera with her big, dark eyes. Then we fuck in a bunch of positions before she jerks me off to completion and I cum all over her tits. She rubs my spunk all over her nipples with my cock. I love her so much.

Published: Aug 25, 2016

Tags: sex tape , amateur , cumshot , real couple

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