College sluts go pudding wrestling in nightclub


Description: It's a wild night here in Ybor City, Florida. We have our Nebraska Coeds with us partying it up in the club. The music is loud and the lights are flashing as everybody is getting down on the dance floor. The girls are all dressed up and they hop on the stage and shake their booties for the camera. We even have a couple of the girls giving some luck guys a lapdance. Then the main event begins and the crowd parts like the Red Sea for an inflatable pool full of pudding. The MC asks for the first two contestants to go at it and the winner gets cold hard cash. Two girls are selected and they strip down to their underwear and step in. The referee blows the whistle and the girls go at it as everyone is cheering them on. The girls fall into the pudding as one holds the other down and as the referee starts counting she breaks free and grabs the other girl around the waist and propels herself forward and makes her land on her back with a huge splash. The girls keep going until the time runs out and it's up to the crowd to decide who advances to the next round. The crowd cheers the loudest for contestant number one and, after a short break, there are two new contestants. The winner of this round will go head-to-head with contestant number one. The fight is hot and heavy as the girls keep knocking each other down until one of them wraps her legs around the other's waist and holds her down. The referee declares the match over and the winner is announced. Then it's the fight of the century as the two winners go at it. The night ultimately goes to contestant number one. When they get themselves cleaned up, all of the girls head back to the limo and drive off to another party.

Published: Jan 18, 2017

Tags: party , college , wrestling , coeds

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