Mea Malone fucked by husband & his best friend


Description: Mea Malone was on her way to meet her husband and his best friend. Her husband told her that his best friend caught his wife fucking another guy and he's feeling really depressed. Well they know what'll get him out of that funk. They've never told anybody close to them but they love fucking other people so her hubby suggest they bring him in. Mea thinks this is a great idea so while she's on her way to meet them down by the bay, he fills his best friend in on the offer. She finds them talking and is so horny that she starts kissing her husband and tells the both of them that she wants it right there. They look around for a moment and then hide against the wall and she gets on her knees and starts sucking both of their dicks. Then she lets her husband's friend fuck her doggy style for a little bit before they decide to go up to their apartment to do this properly. They pull out a bottle of wine and pour some glasses and share a toast before Mea stands up again and does a sexy dance for the both of them before she moves over to her husband and lets him eat her ass. Then she crawls over to his friend and gives him a lapdance before sucking his dick again. While she does, her husband fucks her from behind and then they switch and his friend sticks his cock in her ass and pounds her hard and fast. After a couple of positions the men decide to double penetrate her and they make her cum multiple times. They keep going until they're about to cum and her husband's friend shoots his load all over her ass while her husband gives her a facial.

Published: Aug 26, 2016

Tags: mea malone , threesome , anal , mea malone , double penetration

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