Christian girl Ashley Adams loses virginity before marriage


Description: Ashley Adams is a devout Christian girl and she's waiting until marriage to lose her virginity. Although she's not really happy about it. She's in an arranged marriage and her future husband isn't really all that great. Their difficult relationship has been causing her a lot of stress so her mother arranged for her to receive a professional massage to help relieve some of it. The masseuse arrives and he tells Ashley to go ahead and strip down and wrap herself in a towel while he sets up the massage table. Once it's set up, he takes out a clipboard and she comes back into the room wrapped in the towel. He tells her that he has a questionnaire for her since it's her first massage and he needs to figure out what parts of her body he should focus on more. She explains her situation to him and mentions that her back is the sorest. He understands and tells her that he's going to be using oil on her back and she should remove her bra so it doesn't get ruined. She's unsure about this but he tells her that she can lay on her stomach. He begins with the massage and he gets to talking about her boyfriend. He doesn't really fulfill her needs or even cares. The masseuse suggests that she should have sex with another man to get back at him and then maybe he'll pay more attention to her. That's when Ashley reaches for his cock and then immediately pulls her hand away. She apologizes and says she's just curious. She's never even seen one before. That's when the masseuse suggests a new form of massage therapy and Ashley agrees. He reaches in between her legs and starts playing with her pussy and Ashley bites her lip and grips the massage table as his fingers go inside her. Then he turns her over and plays with her huge natural tits and licks her pussy before sliding his big cock into her tight virgin pussy. She can barely take it and tells him to go slow but starts to enjoy it once he gets a steady rhythm going. Then he pounds her in multiple positions before shooting his load all o

Published: Aug 27, 2016

Tags: ashley adams , virgin , christian , massage

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