Adria Rae proves to teacher how much she wants an A


Description: Adria Rae was having too much fun in school. While it's important to live your life and create friendships and great memories, you also have to get your schoolwork done. The paper is due tomorrow and Adria hasn't even started. After class, she asks her teacher (who is dressed like Abraham Lincoln) for an extension and he immediately says no. All of the students have had an entire month to get this paper written, so there is no way that he's going to extend the deadline even further. He tells her that he wants her paper on his desk by tomorrow morning just like everyone else. She may be pretty, maybe even the prettiest girl in the class, but she doesn't get special treatment. Adria asks if there's absolutely ANYTHING that she could do and her teacher tells her that he'll give her a verbal test right now to see how much she remembers from the classes she has supposedly been paying attention in. If she can recite the Gettysburg Address, completely naked, he'll give her the extension. Adria is unsure about doing this right here in the classroom, but she ultimately agrees. She takes off her uniform and is just in her bra and panties. Her professor can't help but be amazed by that tight young body of hers. She begins to recite but he cuts her off and tells her she needs to be naked. She proceeds to take off her bra and panties and he licks his lips as she starts to recite. She gets a couple of sentences in but it's hopeless. The professor tells her to go home and do the work. That's when Adria reaches for his cock and tells him she can make him happy another way. She gets on her knees and sucks his big cock right there in the classroom and he gets so horny that he bends her over on his desk and stretches her tight teen pussy. He pounds her until she cums and moans so loud that it's amazing no one in the hall could hear. She's had enough, but he's not finished with her yet. She takes his cock again and again until he shoots his load across her teen ass.

Published: Aug 29, 2016

Tags: adria rae , schoolgirl , teen , uniform

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