Rich girl Nicole Aniston fucks new guy at country club


Description: Nicole Aniston is socialite from one of those rich families that do rich things like go to country clubs and play polo. She likes to watch the game and she's had many men approach her but she never gives in. That is, until the new guy, Ramon, shows up and plays an excellent match. She thinks he's so beautiful. Watching as he rides his stallion, she knew she had to talk to him. After the game, Ramon goes into the lounge to enjoy a drink and Nicole introduces herself. She falls in love with his accent and finds him exotic. She tells him how interested she is in the game. That's when she grabs his polo stick and tells him she can usually handle something this size. He asks her if she knows how to use it and that she needs to be gentle with it. She's curious to know how good he is off of the horse and tells him as much. He stands up and tells her that, to find out, they're going to have to get comfortable. He leans against the edge of the couch and brings her in between his legs and kisses her as he puts his hands on her. She rubs her hand against the front of his pants and can feel how big and hard his cock is. He spins her around and starts unbuttoning her shirt as he kisses her neck. He squeezes her tits and then lifts up her dress to play with her pussy. Then they take off the rest of their clothes and she gets on her knees and starts sucking his cock in the lounge. She can't believe how big he is as she can barely get halfway down his shaft before gagging. Then he picks her up in his arms and sticks his cock inside her. He starts bouncing her up and down on his schlong. Then they fuck in multiple positions on the couch and Nicole cums over and over as his dick goes deep inside of her. When he's about to cum, she tells him to spray it all over her tits and she loves the way it feels. She's so happy that she was able to please him and caresses his body as his cum drips down hers. This is how the 1% get down.

Published: Aug 30, 2016

Tags: country club , nicole aniston , socialite , big cock , country club

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