Babysitter teen Melissa Moore fucks boss after breakup


Description: Melissa Moore just got done babysitting when she found out that her boyfriend was cheating on her with her sister! Juan noticed something was wrong and tried to cheer her up, saying that she will find the right guy. He goes on about how beautiful she is and how great her personality is and Melissa went in for the kill and kissed him! She needed a real man to satisfy her, and Juan was the guy for the job. They started making out and that lead to some intense finger banging. That was until Melissa's parents got there and she had to go. The next day, she waited for Juan to get home and couldn't stop thinking about the dick pic he sent her. She hoped that it was just as big in real life and when he got home she took out his cock and gave him a blowjob. They were about to have sex, but then Juan's wife showed up with some groceries, so they had to wait. Melissa didn't know how much longer it would have to be until she got her pussy stuffed but luckily she didn't have to wait that long. A day later, Juan walked in on her touching herself to his picture and Melissa was so embarrassed. Juan didn't waste any time and they took off their clothes. He had her suck his cock to get it nice and hard before her tight 19-year-old twat gets pounded. He stretches her pussy in multiple positions and she's so happy to know what a real man's cock feels like. Melissa cums as he goes balls deep inside her. She moans with pleasure as Juan makes her cum all over his dick. Then her boss jizzes all over her teen mouth and she promises not to tell his wife.

Published: Aug 30, 2016

Tags: melissa moore , big cock , babysitter , teen

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