Sexy Latina Mia fucks me during my Colombian vacation


Description: Hey guys, I didn't think I'd be making a third entry so soon but here it is: My Colombia Sex Vacation Volume 3. I have to give a shout out to my boy, Frankie, for spotting this one while I was getting us some food. I come out of the supermarket and Frankie tells me that there's a smoking hot Latina sitting by herself and that we should approach her. I go introduce myself and we start talking and she tells me her name is Mia. I motion to Frankie and he walks over. I translate for him and I tell her that he's a photographer and that he's here to do a series on Colombia. I tell her he's been taking pictures and shooting video of the mountains, the towns, and the people. Frankie asks her if she's ever thought about being a model. Mia's considered it but has never actually tried to book anything. I explain to her that Frankie is also looking for new models to work with and he would like to pay her to take some photos of her. We ask her how old she is and she tells us that she's only 18 years old. Mia agrees to model for Frankie and we arrive at the apartment soon after. We walk over to the balcony and get to know her a little bit more before I ask her if she's comfortable getting in her bra and panties for some sexy photos. She's unsure at first, so we tell her that we'll pay her more. She sits down next to me and I go in for the kiss... and she kisses me back! I start playing with her pussy and she reaches for my cock like a good girl. She ends up giving me a blowjob and then I pound her tight teen pussy and cum all over her face. So far this is truly the most epic vacation I've ever been on.

Published: Sep 2, 2016

Tags: latina , teen , colombia , vacation

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