Caught By Mom Fantasy Roleplay So Taboo So Wrong


Description: Consider yourself privileged to watch this excellent preview clip. Mistress T takes a dip in the pool. You notice her as she walks out of the pool. Her ass looks amazing. It is round, and wet. She notices you watching her. She is your mom and you are in trouble. Or are you? She decides to take it easy on you and let's you get a closer look at her polka dot bikini. It is wrong. It is naughty. It is... taboo. But you cannot help yourself. You are lusting after your mother and now you are going to give in to your deepest desires because she has given you a free pass. You don't have to feel guilty about it. She talks dirty to you and gives you jerk off instructions. You follow along like a good boy, listening to her every word. She eloquently works you up, building your excitement as you edge closer and closer to completion. Her moaning and heavy breathing are too much to bear. She gets closer to you and gives you permission to cum. And you do. All over yourself, in front of your mom. What is wrong with you? Have you no shame?! But worry not, because she assures you this will be kept a secret. Only you and her will ever know. Hopefully she will never use that against you, but I am pretty sure she will. And that's OK, because she is such a sexy MILF that you will accept any consequences as long as you have a chance to lust after her. If you enjoyed that, imagine what you can get if you visit Mistress T's website. Don't torture yourself any longer. Go ahead and take a peak. You have mom's permission to do so.

Published: Sep 3, 2016

Tags: mom , joi , cougar

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