The Hangover Heaven Experience with Mistress T


Description: Welcome to Las Vegas! In this VLOG / preview, cum experience The Hangover Heaven Experience with Mistress T and Princess Meggerz. Here is the deal: When you've been out partying all night in Vegas, hitting the clubs and getting crunk with your friends, you are likely to wake up with a really terrible hangover. Luckily, there is a cure for that. Hangover Heaven is business that will actually go to your hotel room and hook you up with an IV. They will even provide you with antioxidants to help you feel better throughout the day. And that is real good news, because Mistress T and Princess Meggerz are in real need of some relief. Watch as they both get injected and relieved of their malady with the help of science.

Published: Sep 5, 2016

Tags: hangover , hangover , princess meggerz , vegas

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