Nervous social media starlet sells amateur ass for fame


Description: This chain-smoking, nervous amateur, Austin, spends her days whoring it up on social media. She gets plenty of attention that way, but she wants even more. And like Kim Kardashian and Tia Tequila before her, she wants to try her hand at porn in a quest for infamy. She certainly has the looks for it. Her body is slender and her natural tits are on point. So we invite her over to our crib for a casting call. We also invite our homie, Danny, over. He is fresh out of prison and more than ready to sample dat azz. (Never again say we don't look out, cuz.) She pulls her ridiculous short shorts off to reveal a tight little ass, and a very lickable taint. Her thin, clean pussy has some bling on it in the form of a clit piercing. Her vag is cleanly shaved, and it has a crude tattoo on it--3 small, pink hearts. It's not long before she drops to her fragile knees and pulls out Danny's long, skinny cock. She shoves it in her mouth and stares into the camera for approval. We take the action inside and Danny begins to sling dick like the stud he is. Austin gets flipped and reversed into multiple positions on the couch. Behind the scenes, we laugh and make fun of Danny's Speedo-inspired tan line. He gives no fucks, though. He is slamming away, trying to drown out our snickers with the sound of his balls smashing up against Austin's coochie. And it works. Meanwhile, Austin is probably thinking about all of the new followers she is about to get. In the end, Danny pulls out (he won't make THAT mistake again) and shoots his load all over Austin's lower back. And all I can think about is, I am surprised she doesn't have a tramp stamp. She seems like the perfect candidate for one. That was fantastic, wouldn't you agree? Go follow Austin, everybody. We won't tell you what her handle is because we are dicks like that, but if you do track her done, let her know you saw her on haha. Cheers.

Published: Sep 6, 2016

Tags: amateur , casting , skinny

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