My Colombian vacation continues with a sexy Latina teen


Description: What's up everybody? Yesterday I met this really cute girl while I was donating blood. She's 18 years old and just started her first semester of college. We have planned to meet up later today and hang out so I made sure to have my friend, Frankie, with me so we can record what happens. I'm sure once we offer her some money, she'll be down to fuck. We meet her at the clinic where she works and she's on her lunch break right now. I could tell she was nervous with Frankie's camera on her but she relaxes when he explains about his travel blog and all the kinds of pictures that he's taken and the kinds of pictures that he wants to take while he's here in Colombia. We ask her how much her tuition is for one semester and we offer to pay her half of that just for one hour of her time. That convinces her and we take her to our apartment and Frankie begins giving her some direction. I translate for him and I ask her to take off her scrubs. Once she does, we realize what a rocking body she truly has. Frankie takes a bunch of pictures of her in her underwear and then he tells her that he wants to take things to the next level and get completely naked. She said "no" and we tell her that we'll give her more money because that always works. She thinks about it for a couple of minutes and finally agrees. Like they always do. I help her take everything off and Frankie snaps away. I give her a couple of spanks and she smiles so I know this girl is willing to do more. I have her get on her knees and start sucking my cock. I give her some direction and tell her to look into the camera while she blows me. Afterwards, I pound that tight teen pussy of hers in a couple of different positions around the apartment until I finally shoot my cum load all over her face. Frankie tells her to wave goodbye to the camera and she does.

Published: Sep 10, 2016

Tags: latina , colombia , teen

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