Abella Danger fucks away her boyfriend’s gambling debt


Description: Abella Danger is tired of her boyfriend losing all of his money gambling all of the time and is thinking about leaving him. She loves him but he always expects her to pay off his debts. The couple is in the bed discussing the issue. The boyfriend tells her that the loan shark will square the debt if she fucks him. Abella can’t believe what she’s hearing. Her boyfriend wants her to go fuck another dude to avoid from getting beat up for his debt. Abella really loves bae so she agrees to do this in order to pay his debts, but this will be the last time. She arrives at the hustler’s house and he immediately starts touching the sexy babe. He bends her big ass over and spanks it hard, even punching her chunky ass until it turns red. Her booty trembled with a shock but Ms. Danger has a pleased look on her pretty face. The wealthy guy pulls her down on her knees and takes out his sleazy cock. Shockingly, Abella is getting into it and he doesn’t have to do much. She throws his cock in her mouth and sucks his dick like a professional. This guy really wants her beautiful ass, so she bends her over on the sofa and shoves his finger in her ass but she’s scared because she’s never taken a finger in the ass. He slow-walks her by first making her ride his dick as her big ass bounces and pussy gets wetter and wetter,. Abella confesses that her boyfriend doesn’t fuck her like this and she really likes it but when he goes to fuck her in the ass, Abella gets scared. The guy stuffs his meat into her tight ass hole and drills deep. She starts liking the ass drilling and wants to ride with the pole in her ass. He shoots a load all over her face and that pays off her boyfriend’s debt. What a great girlfriend she is for doing that!

Published: Sep 8, 2016

Tags: big ass , pawg , abella danger

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