Big ass college sluts have fun in South Beach apartment


Description: This time around, we have these college girls enjoying themselves at my friend's new pad in South Beach. Even when there's no party to go to, these sorority girls will make one of their own. All three of them were naked and I had them pose for some pictures. I had them lift up their legs and show off their pussies. Then I had them lean over the pool table to show off their sexy curves. All three of them posed really well, like professionals. We brought them into the bedroom where we had a stripper pole set up. One by one they take turns to show off their moves. One of them even did a handroll and curved that body of hers before swinging on the pole again. They try to do moves they remember seeing in the club and one of them even did a split after spinning in midair. She even lifted her legs up to her head and jumped on the pole to slide down it upside down. She is no stranger to big poles, I bet. The other university students were very obviously very impressed and remarked that she was an impressive entertainer. Now that the gauntlet has been dropped, one of the other girls started twerking her booty and that inspired the crew to start dancing with each other. The aforementioned entertainer gives her friend a lapdance before they get on the carpet and spread their pussies for the camera. This inspires one of the girls to hop into the shower and grab the shower head to use it on her pussy. She takes a hot shower, masturbates with the shower head and gives us some more poses while she banters with her friends that are watching her do her thing.

Published: Sep 8, 2016

Tags: sorority , college , coeds

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