Teen Carter Cruise gets ass spanked by piano teacher


Description: Young pianist, Carter Cruise, takes very expensive piano lessons but not by her own will. The sexy teen just wants to hang with her friends and have a good time partying but her parents make her these lessons because it will look good on her college application. Carter’s piano teacher is a stoic guy that takes these lessons extremely serious. Carter can barely play a note without messing up and doesn’t care at all. He questions her ability and she blatantly tells him that she doesn’t practice and the only reason she’s taking these lessons is because her parents force her to. The instructor is really pissed off now. He chokes the young brat and lays her across his knee for a spanking. He slaps his man hands against her nice round ass while making her count notes. She can’t believe this is happening but she takes the hard slaps and after a while, the young slut begins to like it. He pulls her panties down and continues spanking her ass, leaving his hand print on her pale white bottom. Carter is still talking shit so he shoves his finger in her asshole and chokes her neck with the free hand. Apparently, he can finger a brown eye as well as he can finger the piano. And you know what, she’s no longer complaining! This young slut enjoys a finger in her tight ass hole, though. Carter prefers this lesson over playing the piano as she gets on her knees and sucks his dick like a champion. I guess she'd rather play the flute than the piano! The horny teen stuffs her horny mouth full of teacher cock and moans the entire time his cock is banging her throat. Her pierced nipples and round ass beckon the teacher to go in face first, sucking her young pussy and tongue-fucking her tiny taint. Hard and horny, he digs deep in her pussy and loves the feel of her wet twat. Carter wants him to drill her ass hole hard and long next while she plays with her clit. The teacher packs her fudge until busting a cum load all over the slutty, misbehaved teen.

Published: Sep 10, 2016

Tags: teacher , carter cruise , teen

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