Campus Security Guard Jayden Jaymes VS Math Teacher


Description: The buxom campus security guard, Jayden Jaymes, is on a prowl, working hard to make sure the school grounds are safe and operating by the rules at all times. When checking through the halls of the main building, the guard hears suspicious activity in one of the classrooms and goes to assess the situation. Uh oh, Mr. Everhard just got busted for seducing his students in the computer lab. If he stands any chance of weaseling his way out of the situation, it'll have to be using the same tactics that slutty teens use to get their grades boosted. She tells the professor that she's aware this isn’t the first time he’s done something of this nature and he’s in big trouble this time. Jayden hasn’t been laid in quite a while and uses this opportunity to fulfill some of her sexual needs. She pulls the professor to the side and has a series talk with him. Then she notices his big dick hanging out of his pants and she can’t resist getting a piece of the naughty professor, begging him to fuck her like he was about to do to the student. Erik buried his face between Jayden's huge boobs and motorboated her. Then he let her chase everyone out of the lab so they could fuck in peace. Jayden grabbed his cock in front of the students, then demanded that they leave the classroom and shoved the whole of his massive cock in her mouth. She juiced up and spat all over it before following up with a nasty and sloppy deepthroat blowjob. The security slut bent over on the chair and told him to ram her horny wet pussy as hard as he can. They had hardcore sex, with her big tits bouncing around as Mr. Everhard made the charges disappear with a big cum load on her tits.

Published: Sep 10, 2016

Tags: uniform , jayden jaymes , big tits

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