Tiny Asian schoolgirl handcuffed and fucked by teacher


Description: It was after school and the math teacher told one of his students to stay behind so they could have a talk. She was worried that she was in trouble. She always really liked the professor and could even say that she had a crush on him. She was one of his best students. So as all the possibilities are running through her head while she sits at her desk, the math teacher walked back into the classroom. He told her that he wanted to try a new form of education and asked if she was willing to volunteer for the experiment. She wasn't sure what that meant and he clarifies that it's for the new sex-ed class that he'll be teaching next semester. Hearing this, her face turns red as she looks away. She doesn't know what to think but doesn't want to disappoint him so she says, yes. That's when he takes out a pair of handcuffs and puts them on her wrists. Then he has her stand in front of his desk and bends her over. He lifts up her skirt and starts playing with her pussy. Then he takes her into another room where there's a bed and he slowly starts taking all of her clothes off while he plays with her tits. Once she's naked, he eats her oriental pussy as she moans in that high-pitched kind of way that Asian girls do. Then he pulls out a vibrator to use on her and puts it in her pussy and then makes her taste it. She covers her mouth to muffle her moans as he sets the vibrator to maximum. Then he takes off his clothes and pounds her pussy hard and fast with his tiny dick. He moves her into a couple of more positions until he's about to pop and he shoots a huge tsunami of a load all over her tits. He deemed the new education method a success, and so did she. She will now know exactly what she's in for next time.

Published: Sep 9, 2016

Tags: teacher , asian , schoolgirl

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