Kayla Kayden gets fucked by her ex after first date


Description: Kayla Kayden was on a first date and she decided to take the guy home and continue the party. She loved the way he fingered her on the dance floor surrounded by all of those strangers. Now she wants to pick up where they left off. They sit on the couch and start caressing each other when he gets an important phone call that he needs to take. He turns his back to her to continue the call and at that moment, Kayla's ex-boyfriend, Kieran, appears from behind the couch and starts putting his hands all over her. She tries to get him off of her without making a sound and he quickly hides behind the couch when her date turns around. He tries to get close but he can tell something ain't right. Kayla offers him something to drink and heads for the kitchen. Kieran is behind her and lifts up her dress and starts licking her pussy. Kayla tries to keep her composure and says she's going to the garage to get a bottle of water instead. Kieran follows her out there and has a quick argument with Kieran before her new date asks from the living room if everything is alright. She sticks her head out from behind the door and tells him that everything is fine. When she turns around Kieran has his cock out and he puts her on her knees and starts fucking her face. Her date is growing impatient and when she gets up to tell him just one more second, Kieran lifts up her dress and starts pounding her pussy. Kayla tries to not moan while she explains that she has a headache and if they could hang out some other night. Her date says yes and lets himself out. As soon as the door closes Kieran picks her up and takes her over to the couch where he pounds her pussy in a bunch of positions and makes her cum over and over. When he's about to cum he shoots his load all over her face and then bends her over and starts fucking her pussy while his cum drips down her face. Then he tells her to get cleaned up and never look for another dick again.

Published: Sep 10, 2016

Tags: deepthroat , kayla kayden , kayla kayden , big tits

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