Woke up my girlfriend Alyssa for morning sex like a G


Description: What's up, Pornspotters! We've got another video for you and this is one of my personal favorites. I turned on the camera walked over the curtains to let some sunlight in. I turn around and I see my girlfriend, Alyssa, sleeping soundly. But it's time to rise, just like my cock! So I pull the covers off of her and her body looks amazing in that underwear she's wearing. I start caressing her booty to wake her up. Then I move her panties over to one side and start playing with her pussy. She says good morning and I ask her if she slept well after I give her a good spank. She turns around and smiles when she sees me with the camera. She asks me if I want to wake her up and I tell her most definitely. I take off her bra and panties and she gets on her back and looks at me with a sexy stare as I caress her tits. I stick a finger in her pussy and she starts to moan. This makes me add another finger to the mix and I start fingering her harder. I get in between her legs and she can see how hard my cock is through my boxers. She pulls it out and starts stroking it before we switch positions and she gets on top of me. Alyssa sits on my cock and starts riding me. The bed starts to creak as she speeds up and I focus the camera on my cock disappearing and reappearing as she rides me. Then I pan up to record her titties bouncing up and down as she pants. We switch to doggy style and I pound her wet pussy so hard. She fucks me back by pressing her hands against the wall and she moans even louder. She knows she's about to cum and I don't stop until she does. She ends up milking my dick by stroking the cum out and sucking it dry. I love this girl so much.

Published: Sep 10, 2016

Tags: amateur , homemade , real couple

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