Latina teen fucks her dad's best friend when home alone


Description: David was going over to his friend's place to pick up a package for him that needed to be mailed today. His friend is not able to do it because he's out of town. David didn't mind since his house was on the way. When he arrived he knocked on the door since he saw a car outside and it was his friend's daughter that answered. It's been a while since he's seen her and she's looking good. What he didn't know is that before he knocked, she was masturbating on the couch and is horny as hell. She tells him how young he looks and that he looks more like one of her friends than her father's friends. He laughs and thanks her for the compliment before explaining to her that he's here to pick up a package. She doesn't know anything about it and tells him that he can stick around and he's not sure. She tells him that she's 19 years old so she's legal and single. He sits down on the couch next to her and after a moment he tells her how weird this feels because her father is his best friend. She tells him that he's not here and he doesn't have to know. They start kissing and he admits to her that he hasn't had a young girl like her in a long time. They take off their clothes and she starts sucking his cock. After a lengthy blowjob he has her lay back against the couch and spreads her legs. He starts fingering her and slowly going faster and faster until her legs start shaking and her moans echo throughout the house. Then he pounds that pussy in multiple positions before jizzing all over her face and she sucks his cock dry.

Published: Sep 10, 2016

Tags: latina , teen , younger older

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